I am a neuroscientist based in Melbourne, Australia with a keen interest in wines. Of course, and with a dose of irony, I have published papers on alcohol consumption. The story begins with that bottle of Penfolds Bin 28 Kalimna Shiraz 2000 which was my very first purchase when I arrived in Melbourne. I still keep the dusty old bottle in a corner of the laundry cabinet. Since then, I have moved on to the more finely crafted wines of the Barossa Valley, Burgundy, Bordeaux (Pauillac, Sauternes/Barsac), the Rhone Valley (Southern Rhone), Alsace, Mosel, Central Coast, Maipo and Rias Baixas.

Although it has been several years since, I thoroughly enjoyed observing the processes of the harvest, crushing and primary fermentation, followed by tasting the juice as it evolves through the various stages before finally transforming into the beautiful wine that emerges from the bottle. In my travels, I have made wonderful friends in the Barossa Valley, Eden Valley, Yarra Valley.. but not the hills yet. While limited in my purchasing and drinking experiences due to geographical locality, I have broadened my knowledge of wine by completing WSET levels 2 and 3 in 2010, and am almost done with the wine subjects for WSET4. I probably won’t complete level 4 due to my disinterest in spirits. I am also an non-professional member of Sommeliers Australia. Currently, I physically hold about 300 bottles and would gladly accept donations of climate-controlled cellar space in exchange for holding discourse while sharing the bottle in future.

I enjoy writing tasting notes so as to be able to track how a wine evolves over time. Any re-tasted wines will have their notes posted under the comments section so that a direct comparison can be made. Of course, taste is such a variable entity, so I’ll be glad if you do concur and agree with my opinion of any wine. However, should you disagree, then I would certainly enjoy reading of your own assessments of the wine, and hold a discussion of why we might disagree in our evaluations. All the notes I write are of wines that I have personally purchased, tasted at wine events or during tasting sessions at wine retailers. I do not have any commercial interests that might pose a conflict of interest, nor do I actively receive wines from winemakers for reviews.

While I strive to taste as much wine as I possibly can, there are the obvious limiting factors such as the lesser state of my personal bank account. So in times of drought, I will be re-posting the content from my old website (www.terencepang.com) which will eventually be overlaid onto this site. So do check back to see if older tasting notes are added. For any other matters pertaining to this site, please contact me at terence@terencepang.com

Simple Palates, Seriously Melbourne restaurants Simple Palates, Seriously Melbourne restaurants

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