Mount Pleasant Cellar Aged Elizabeth Semillon 2007, Hunter Valley

It’s warmed up quite nicely for this F1 Sunday in Melbourne. The rains on Friday washed away Melbourne’s dusty stink and I’m savouring every bit of sunshine possible. As much as I go for Mercedes-Benz and Hamilton, I wasn’t big on forking out $150 to watch the race. So I’m relegated to having the telly on whilst catching up on 3 weeks of ironing.


Still, some weekend indulgence is a necessity. Earlier, to accompany my lunch of baked clams and grilled lobster, a white wine with cutting flavours and added complexity was required. Alongside Tahbilk’s 1927 Marsanne, the aged release Elizabeth Semillon from Mount Pleasant remains the best valued white wine of Australia. Very affordable by the average punter with change from a $20, but there is the fresher unaged releases too. image

The 2007 release has a bright yellow gold colour with a greenish hue. Typical for this wine. On the nose, buttery, toast, slight ginger spice, very faint lemon grass perhaps. It’s simply screaming to be matched with fish and seafood. At 11% alc, you can easily knock back a few glasses. Feels very dry in the mouth, lean and requiring the oils from my cheesey buttery lobster tail. Low acidity, if you want to get technical, it stands at pH 3.06. No salads thanks. Honeyed mandarin and lemon citrus flavours. On its own, you get that pithy citrus for the aftertaste. Dry, but don’t take it as a negative. Aged wines do need to be view with a different pair of glasses. Great way to chill on a warm day. Drink now -2020. 92.


About simplepalatesseriously

I am a neuroscience researcher in Melbourne, Australia with a keen interest in wines of the world.
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One Response to Mount Pleasant Cellar Aged Elizabeth Semillon 2007, Hunter Valley

  1. Paul says:

    It’s hard to beat an aged Hunter semillon with seafood. There must have been heaps of the 2007 Elizabeth made as you can still pick it up for about $16 or even less at Kemenys as a hidden label.

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