Radford Wines Eden Valley Shiraz 2004, SA

Radford Wines 2004 Eden Valley Shiraz SA Simple Palates Seriously

This is a bottle I found while organising my collection last week. From memory this was purchased on one of my first forays into the Barossa Valley, and has been kept very well in my stores. Sharp-eyed wineos will note the change in label design since then. What used to be called Radford Dale is simply Radford these days. This 2004 vintage might even have been the first shiraz release if I’ve got my notes correct.

The point of sharing this note is not a history lesson, but to give support to the longevity of the Radford wines. It’s a label I have no qualms recommending if you’re looking for a South Australian shiraz that isn’t ‘hot’, a wine which shows restraint, complexity, is well-priced and can be cellared for the long-term.

Still pouring a dark crimson colour, it has a fragrance of blackcurrant liquor, mulled with spices like aniseed, cloves and cinnamon. It’s fresh, but I know it’s developed beyond the opulent dark fruit which was in abundance early on. A silky texture, the acidity is still lively and vivid, and the tannins are so soft and comfortable now. There’s seamless dark berry fruit flavours with a sweet savoury raspberry coulis-sorta finish. Drinking brilliantly now, this wine could confidently take for another 7+ years. Amazing with a soft, tender steak. 95.

Looking at the Radford range, they have two shirazes: the Spice Bush Eden Valley Shiraz and the slightly more expensive Eden Valley Biodynamic shiraz. Well worth a try!

Radford Dale Wines Eden Valley Shiraz SA Simple Palates Seriously


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I am a neuroscience researcher in Melbourne, Australia with a keen interest in wines of the world.
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