Breakfast Thieves, Fitzroy

Breakfast Thieves is a Fitzroy hidden gem that resides on a quiet residential block corner on Gore St. I’m not sure whether it’s a case of reverse stealing, because I’m going all Robin Hood on my shut-eye and nicking time off a Sunday sleep-in to feed my hunger. BT opens bright and early at 8am on weekends, but is available at 7.30am on weekdays to help out those in need of a caffeine fix on their way to work.

Breakfast Thieves Gore St Fitzroy Simple Palates Seriously

It has recently undergone a small makeover, and the menu is somewhat different from when I was last there. The coffee remains consistently good, and the staples on the menu are a sure-thing. However, there are a few quirky twists for your morning feast which I’d highly recommend. Especially if you’re planning a first time visit here, it is an ideal venue to break up the routine of Sunday eggs.

Breakfast Thieves  Unusual BBLT French Simple Palates Seriously
This unusual BBLT French brioche with bacon and caramelised banana was my favourite pick. It’s certainly try to be a diva of a breakfast, a showpiece to the establishment, similar to some of the other joints in the suburb. However, I do think it is a little too off center and not something you’d be able to come back to regularly.

Breakfast Thieves Eggs Mr Benedict Simple Palates Seriously
If you’re down for something more traditional, go with the trusty Mr Benedict (only on weekends). Benedict Cumberbatch-ian in nature, it’s simple, tasty, we could go more Downtown Abbey style if a couple of thin slices of cucumber were inserted into this. The hollandaise sauce is light and ever slightly creamy, and the egg yolks run a lovely orange colour.

Breakfast Thieves Spanish gypsy dance polenta crusted poached eggs morcilla black pudding Simple Palates Seriously
In the mood for something more substantial? Try the Spanish Gypsy Dance, with spiced morcilla sausage (aka black pudding of the continent). This is quite the challenge for my early Sunday morning because of the intensity of the eggs combined with morcilla sausage. A 1.5 punch. There isn’t an escape route from this. Be prepared to skip lunch.

Breakfast Thieves The Legend Baked Eggs Feta Chorizo Simple Palates Seriously
Finally, baked eggs anyone? Nicely prepared, egg yolks slightly cooked through. Little bits of chorizo to beef up the richness of the dish. But I think I’m a little over baked eggs at the moment. It might just be a phase, just not sure it’ll pass. Thing is, baked eggs aren’t really a breakfast dish is it? Plain ole’ poached eggs not good enough? Think hollandaise sauce is a bit too rich? Maybe try scrambled or fried? It’s just, well, the extra tomato-y sauce and chorizo, that could be turned into a proper lunch with a few additional ingredients. And a couple of slices of toasted bread is hardly proportional in terms of carbs to me. But this is just me being weird.

Breakfast Thieves is well-situated to provide great meals and coffee to those who appreciate friendly service, small twists in their dishes, and don’t want to brave the regular hipster crowds on Smith and Brunswick Sts. There are a couple of tables outside, perfect for the coming summer, and if you’d like to bring along the dog. The interior is spacious, offering low and high tables. Decor is attractive and simple, and the noise level never breaks into your conversation. Well recommended.

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2 Responses to Breakfast Thieves, Fitzroy

  1. annie says:

    i love anything savoury AND sweet. that BBLT French brioche with bacon and caramelised banana looks awesome!

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