Rochelle Adonis rose petal barberry pistachio nougat

Rochelle Adonis rose petal barberry pistochio nougat WA Simple Palates Seriously Rochelle Adonis specialises in cakes, dessert and high tea based in Western Australia. They’ve got a good writeup here; this post is not about tea but their retail products, namely the nougat bars. They make a range of 6 flavours, and I purchased the rose petal, barberry and pistochio nougat. This single nougat bar retails for $16, but it bought it on a markdown at King & Godfrey’s store on Lygon St. I was looking for something to match the Telmo Rodriguez Moscatel, and this worked perfectly!

A single 100g bar comes in a simple, attractive slide-out box, and the bar is wrapped in plastic. I’ve sliced the bar in the picture above to show the 3 aspects of the bar. Sliding out the bar, the side presented is the visually pretty layer of organic rose petals. There is a generous use of pistachio nuts and barberry fruit in the nougat layer. The underside is layered with a film of rice paper. The nougat has a sweet floral aromas, is of a semi-soft firmess and is only slightly chewy through the white chocolate-based nougat. I found it placed on the sweeter side, with the sugars from the barberry fruit accentuated by lots of honey. Even the rose petals on their own have a sweet caramelised flavour. The petals do provide a nice touch of tannic dryness to the overall mouthfeel. The only distraction was the the layer of rice paper which I thought was much too thick.


About simplepalatesseriously

I am a neuroscience researcher in Melbourne, Australia with a keen interest in wines of the world.
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