Pike market, then a hike to Elliott’s Oyster House

Pike Place Market is one of the best places to visit in Seattle this summer. It’s right in downtown Seattle, and offers a bit for the tourists, and a bit more for the locals. Founded in 1907, it consists of several buildings at the base of the steep city hills on the edge of the Elliot Bay waterfront. It offers views of the Seattle eye, the busy docks and an outstretch glimpse of the Olympic mountain ranges in the far distance.

Pike Market Seattle Simple Palates Seriously

It is popular as ever with the visitors and the locals. There are plenty of handmade crafts, sharp black and white photos, jewellery and nic naks. But I was there for the food, of course! And boy do you get plenty of fresh fruit, crisp vegetables, and glorious seafood! You can see cheese being hand-made, bite into a fresh Russian Piroshki (oddly, made by Asians) or handout with the Southerner Blue grassy trio who bask outside Starbucks. Check out those jumbo Dungeness crabs, the (relatively) cheap lobster tails and Alaskan Halibut! If I could esky-pack a heap of seafood to Melbourne, you bet I would’ve hand haul my entire luggage allowance-worth back.

Pike Market Dungeness crabs Simple Palates Seriously Pike Market fresh seafood Simple Palates Seriously

If you’re looking to make an entire day out in the area, then wander south from Pike Place Market towards the Seattle Aquarium. I didn’t visit the fishies on this trip, because my stomach was drawing me further towards Pier 56 where you’ll find Elliott’s Oyster House. Established in 1975, this restaurant is often listed on ‘Best of’ lists and boasts an impressive list of oysters that would make any foodie swoon with excitement. Elliott’s pride themselves on sustainable aquaculture and supporting the local fishing industry.

Elliott's Oyster House Seattle Simple Palates Seriously

Elliott's Oyster House2 Seattle Simple Palates Seriously
Sitting on the bar with the awesome range of oysters in full view. Just courting trouble, you know you want to take on the challenge of having one of each!

Elliott's Oyster House menu Simple Palates Seriously
A most impressive oyster list, with recommended wines.

South Sound Kumamoto Oyster Elliott's Oyster House Simple Palates Seriously
The firm and clean crunchy Stellar Bay Pacific oyster.

Cajun Pan Seared Wild Pacific Salmon Elliott's Oyster House Simple Palates Seriously
Cajun pan-seared wild Pacific Salmon with mango salsa and creamed Beluga lentils.

Woodward Canyon Chardonnay 2012 WA Simple Palates Seriously
The Woodward Canyon 2012 Chardonnay (RRP$44) was a perfect drink to wash down a dozen oysters, and had the rich fruit and firm acidity to accompany the oiler salmon fish. Fermented in 20% new Burgundy barrels. 71% fruit from Woodward Canyon Estate in Walla Walla bring the fleshy ripeness to this wine. Remainder is from Celilo Vineyard in Columbia River Gorge. Bright yellow colour, lovely aromatics of green pear, Jazz apples, sweet lemony sweetness, spice and touch of raw cashew nut. Rich flavours of peach and ripe pear, there acid structure is clean and precise so it doesn’t overload the mouth. Lovely soft finish. 14.1% alc. 873 cases produced. 

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