Sunshine in Seattle! I’ll drink to that! Elysian Brewing Co.

Seattle is best known as the home of the Space Needle, the Supersonics (ex-2008), Frasier and Starbucks. I had to travel to Seattle for a conference last week, and was fortunate to be met by hardly a cloud in the pale crystal blue sky, warm sunshine and a cool breeze sweeping down from Puget Sound. I was basking in the perfect weather while my friends back home were nailing their windows shut to hide from the Cat 1 cyclone-strong winds and thunderstorms which slammed Melbourne. Ahhh, T-shirt and shorts weather =)

Space Needle Seattle WA
Space Needle. But to see Seattle, head to the Columbia Center.

Unfortunately, I didn’t have time on my hands to visit any of the hipster gourmet roasters. Thankfully, I managed to stave off my caffeine urges and avoided drinking Starbucks filter provided by the hotel. To do otherwise would have betrayed my Australian coffee-snob pedigree. For those of you wandering through the city, check out Seattle Coffee Works which is conveniently located at the Pike Market area, or venture further North to Fremont Coffee Company.

Father and Son Louise Bourgeois Olympic Sculpture Park
Father and Son by Louise Bourgeois, Olympic Sculpture Park

Washington State is also home to the first microbrewery in USA – Yakima Brewing & Malt Co (1982 – 2005). Currently, there are 250+ brewings bubbling away, check out a comprehensive map list on Washington Beer Blog. One of these brewing pubs – Elysian Brewing Co – is located in Capital Hill, a suburb mish-mashed with dense residential streets, a vibrant multi-purpose Volunteer Park, and is central to the LGBT community. They’ve got other locations, but this is the original place to be. This is where you go for the biggest range of taps and casks, and where the festivals blow the roof off.

Elysian Brewing Co Capital Hill Seattle WA Simple Palates Seriously1221 E Pike St Seattle WA 98122

Elysian Brewing Co bar Capital Hill Seattle WA Simple Palates Seriously
A seat at the bar counter is always in demand. 16 taps, that’s quite a number to get through. Better get started early!

Elysian Brewing Co kettles Capital Hill Seattle WA Simple Palates SeriouslyThe rest of the pub is spacious, and well lit. Even on a Sunday afternoon, seats are aplenty making this an ideal location for a quiet introspective boys day out.

Elysian Brewing Co Dread menu Capital Hill Seattle WA Simple Palates Seriously
Always remember to ask about their seasonal brews. Beer-gasping-gasm!

Elysian Brewing Co nachos Capital Hill Seattle WA Simple Palates Seriously
Nachos with lots of melted pepperjack cheese, and the Immortal IPA (very passionfruity).

Elysian Brewing Co buffalo chicken wings Capital Hill Seattle WA Simple Palates Seriously
Buffalo chicken wings with The Dread imperial stout. Split Shot Espresso Milk Stout wasn’t pouring on the day, nooooo!!

I enjoyed Elysian Brewing Co on a Sunday. It’s got lots of space for patrons, there is a relaxed feel to the place, and the staff are a friendly bunch. Oh, and did I mention LOTS of great tasting beer. It’s in a nice part of town where you’ll find lots of restaurants and cafes for a proper bite after you’ve had your fill of beer. Not sure about accessibility by public transport, parking appears to be quite the challenge though. I wish I was back there right now. I’ve got unfinished drinking business with this place!!

Elysian Brewing Co. on Urbanspoon

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I am a neuroscience researcher in Melbourne, Australia with a keen interest in wines of the world.
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