Picardy Pannell Family Shiraz 2007, Pemberton, WA

I don’t do product reviews, but here’s one just because I’m having the buffalo marinade King Island ribs. At $19/kg, it’s obviously more pricey than the average market price for beef short ribs. I followed the instructions to the letter, which is a slow 4-hour roast at 140C, then a short rest. Doing this, the marinade turned out almost burnt as a thin charred layer and a thicker dry crust. However, the underlying meat was quite soft, and pulled apart easily. Taste-wise the marinade layer was very salty, and the softer meat was on the blander side. It was acceptable when I chomped through as a combination, then washed down with the wine. It was a gamble on my part to buy meat from a supermarket, and I haven’t changed my mind, I will continue to get my meat from the smaller market stalls.

Picardy Pannell Family Shiraz 2007 Pemberton WA King Island Beef Ribs Simple Palates Seriously

Now.. on to the wine.

The 2007 vintage was very good for the WA region. I haven’t had many shiraz from WA, and from this vintage, so I was very interested to see how this wine was going to perform. Dark ruby colour with a slight purple rim. A youthful, lifted nose, a core of blackberry jam, cherry syrup, and savoury spice notes. Dry, full-bodied wine, with soft tannins and high acidity. The acidity is very impressive, cutting across the rich fruit flavours. The persistent fruit isn’t quite layered, but is sufficiently dense and complex to perk my interest.  It’s drinking very nicely now, and should be fine for the few. Drink now – 2020. 92/100


About simplepalatesseriously

I am a neuroscience researcher in Melbourne, Australia with a keen interest in wines of the world.
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One Response to Picardy Pannell Family Shiraz 2007, Pemberton, WA

  1. Jen Miller says:

    This is interesting! My packet says 170c for 4 hours, I’m half way in and it’s burnt…ordinarily I would cover something like this with foil but decided to follow the instructions. Smells pretty disappointing so far..

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