May 17 – 25 Good Beer Week

The 4th Annual Good Beer Week has kicked off in Melbourne (main site/facebook), plenty of events to attend, and even more volumes of beer to be lavished. There are events for the purists (just beer only, why waste good space on snacks?), there are food and beer pairing events, and a couple of meet the brewers sessions. #goodbeerweek #Drinkresponsibly Pots, not pints, is the way to go.

If your little brain is spinning from so many choices, the Pint of Origins are a fantastic way to start your crawl. Check out the New Zealand beers at the Alehouse Project. Yeastie Boyz kicked off the show, and they’ve got Panhead, Funck Estate and Bach Brewing today. I’m looking towards Croucher on Thurs 22 May.

Alehouse Good Beer Week Yeastie Boys Pint of Origin NZ Simple Palates Seriously

The more interesting brews were the botrytised beers made with the help of Some Young Punks for the botrytis ferment. The Last Dictator porter comes in at a hefty 10% but is sweet smooth drinking. The Pot Kettle Black Remix, a hoppier Black IPA wasn’t super hoppier but it sure as hell kick started my session!

Alehouse Good Beer Week Yeastie Boys Rouge Pacman Simple Palates Seriously

The Tramway Hotel on the Rae St corner is one of the smaller joints where you won’t have trouble finding a seat, and pour yourself a couple of the South Australian beers. The milk choc IPA is a beaut!

Tramway Hotel Pint of Origin SA South Australia Simple Palates Seriously


And Kooinda has their milk porter on tap at the Peacock Inn, High St, Northcote.


About simplepalatesseriously

I am a neuroscience researcher in Melbourne, Australia with a keen interest in wines of the world.
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