Bocconcini, Daylesford, VIC

Bocconcini is centrally located on Vincent St, and is a European-styled deli/cafe. It offers good coffee, small baked pastries, breakfast/brunch, as well as jams, sauces, cheese and hams for purchase. Not that Daylesford hasn’t got enough quaint going for it, let’s throw a touch of modern into the mix. You are unlikely to be within earshot of the strong English accents that inhabit this township, as the patronage appears to be facilitated by the younger sort.

Bocconcini Daylesford Vincent St Simple Palates Seriously

I really like the simple, clean layout of the establishment which is pseudo-divided into two halves. There are 5-6 tables as you enter, with view of the Deli counter and the coffee machine. If you’d like a little more sunlight and privacy, duck around the wall to where the shelves of jams and marinades are located for a couple more seats. The service is extremely friendly, everyone feels most welcomed, and this was maintained through the busy service period.

It was Easter Sunday, so of course I had to have eggs. And in keeping with the theme, something caught by a fisherman. Smoked salmon with poached eggs and spinach on a pesto-y smeared bagel was my choice.

Smoked salmon bagel with poached eggs and bacon Bocconcini Daylesford Simple Palates Seriously
Token side of bacon for that resumption of normality.

The English breakfast is very generous, just check that they’ve remembered to serve you baked beans! Perfectly scrambled eggs on 2 slice of toast (although I do like mine more heavily buttered), juicy pork sausages, tender slices of bacon and sure, we’ll even do the token fruit (2 halves of tomato).

English Breakfast Farmers breakfast Bocconcini Daylesford Simple Palates Seriously
The only thing lacking now is a pint of Newckie brown!

The salmon croquettes were very nicely done too, with a nice golden brown coating that was thin and crunchy to chomp into to access the lovely oiley salmon. Decently sized, about 2.5″, and to be topped off with 2 poached eggs very rather heavy.. 1 egg would have well sufficed, with perhaps a side serve of bean/barley mix.

Salmon Croquettes Bocconcini Daylesford Simple Palates Seriously

Bocconcini is a lovely spot in Daylesford for your relaxed weekend brunch. The service is warm, coffee is good, the meals are well-prepared, and you could even do a bit of deli shopping there. There are a couple of table along the walkway, but I reckon it’s getting too close to winter for that. It didn’t appear to be the most crowded place on the strip, but there was certainly plenty of traffic so get there early! Highly recommended.

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