New year, new challenges and optimisms

Hi everyone, phew! I need to take a deep breath and relax. And odd physiological requirement considering I’m meant to be on a relaxing holiday, but then again, have you seen how we celebrate Chinese New Year (or the Lunar new year for those with aracial tendencies).

My last post was in the second week of December, during the lead up to the silly year-end skullduggery that is the Christmas/New Year period. Age dictates that I moderate, and I’m pleased to report that I was successful in many attempts. I am thus capable to remembering most of my celebrations, restaurants, parks and picnics, and drinks that were thoroughly enjoyed. That includes my wee trip to China and Japan which I will be reporting on soon enough.

Very humbled and encouraged that I managed 300,000+ hits on this blog in 2013. That’s probably inflated somewhat by dynamic IPs, but it’s certainly more than the number of friends I have. Not that they actually visit my blog. They’ve stated that in rather clear words. Two words to be precise. I shall not reveal those choice words. I’m still trying to figure out how to get visitors to leave comments and opinions on my posts, especially for the wine reviews. I’m not looking for positive slaps on the back.. It’s more interesting if someone tells me I have shite taste, and how much of a ponce I am for preferring French wines.

Interestingly, I have several emails from restauranteurs over the past couple of months offering free meals at their new establishments. While I do love checking out new places, and am excited at the prospect of sharing a fine dining experience, I will declare that I maintain my principle of not accepting a free meal in exchange for a favorable writeup. Of course, not that there aren’t already enough free-lance independent food bloggers out there already. (I just happen to think my ability to judge on an international level is somewhat better than most) So that said, if I state that a restaurant/cafe/wine is good, rest assured it is my unadulterated opinion leading up to that publication.

So, I’m into my last week of holidays, I know.. it’s rather into the 2014 year already. I’m heaps behind on posts, but we will get there. Recalling my travels will provide me a welcome break from writing NHMRC grants. So stay tuned!




About simplepalatesseriously

I am a neuroscience researcher in Melbourne, Australia with a keen interest in wines of the world.
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