Simon Coll, Michel Cluizel, ChocoLate Organiko weekend splurge

Simon Coll 50% Michel Cluizel Salted Butter Caramel Chocolate Organiko 46% cocoa Indian Vanilla Pollachi Chocolate Simple Palates Seriously

A couple of chocolate bars while I was waiting for the sun to pop up and warm us up to the predicted 24°C which is unbelievably unlikely. The 50% Simon Coll is a good easy-to-consume dark chocolate from Barcelona, fairly cheap at $7 for a 200g bar. It’s rather sweet, almost to milk chocolate levels, and it’s only in the grainy slight bitter finish that you’d note a difference.

ChocoLate Organika 46% chocolate con Leche Bio Y Vainilla India de Pollachi Milk Chocolate Indian Vanilla  Madrid Spain Simple Palates Seriously


In comparison, the ChocoLate Organiko from Madrid feels stickier on the palate, not as sweet and with additional hazelnut elements. The vanilla bean element (Indian Vanilla from Pollachi) is present but to me, it doesn’t come across as particularly aromatic. It is a 46% cacao milk chocolate bar, and I’m not a fan of how the lines are cut diagonally across the bar. Who’s going to like getting the odd-shaped corners?! At $7 for 70g, the Simon Coll is definitely a better buy.

Michel Cluizel Lait Eclats de Caramel Beurre Sale 45% Chocolate Paris France Simple Palates Seriously

Finally, it’s the tried and tested, satisfaction almost guaranteed everytime Michel Cluizel. This salted butter caramel has a relatively low melt factor, gritty in the mouth with caramel bits, the buttered texture is tasted quite distinctly. One of the most casual milk chocolates in the Parisian chocolatier’s range.


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