Botanical Cuisine Sticky Fig Pudding

Saw this delectable looking dessert-on-the-go being sold at the DOC deli on Lygon St, Carlton for $8. It’s produced by Botanical Cuisine in Collingwood, a new discovery for me. This sticky fig pudding is organic and raw, and some will be glad to know it will also appeal to vegans. The layered appearance of the pudding against the fig is very attractive, and I couldn’t help but anticipate the gooey goodness.

Botanical Cuisine Sticky Fig Pudding Collingwood DOC Deli Lygon St

The darker fig layer has a smooth texture with a slight gritty feel typical of fig fruit, but is slightly saltish likely to be due to the use of olive oil and vanilla salt.

The pudding layer is more like a chestnut cake, and the cashew creaminess comes across prominently with a hint of vanilla and rum.

As you dig further, bits of orange zest, chocolate and pistachio serve to breakup the sweetness of the fig and a surprising persistance of the rum.

Despite it’s small 175g packaging, three generous spoons of this was sufficient to appease my greed. I challenge anyone to polish this off on their own in a single sitting. I’m indulging in this with some Chateau Climens.


About simplepalatesseriously

I am a neuroscience researcher in Melbourne, Australia with a keen interest in wines of the world.
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