Red Petite, big Thai flavours (kinda) – South Melbourne

2013-03-26 17.06.23

This quaint little cafe was on my radar screen all this while, but to my stomach’s detriment, never popped up as a more than a blip. I had walked past it several times on my way to breakfast without so much as a tilt of my head. Shame on me! This is indeed a local’s secret (so why am I writing about it?!)

They have a good range of entrees for you to start the evening. The Fish cakes are an especially great first dish, and I would highly recommend the Son in Law eggs as a second dish. It is one egg per order, plated as halves with a thin slight fry for the outer layer, served with a thick salty sauce. The Pork belly is very nicely caramelised, and is good contrast to the Crying Tiger grilled beef strips. The Pad Thai is well-fried (slightly damp but ok, could use more chilli spice). Actually I’ve mentioned to the proprietors that they need to have their dishes with chilli heat equivocal to what they like themselves. I found the Tom Yam soup very under-chilli’d. The green curry is very coconuted, thick curry sauce perfect for a generous serve of steamed rice. Similarly, the massaman curry is tasty.

2013-03-26 17.17.04

Overall, Red Petite is an excellent Thai cafe in South Melbourne that offers a quiet sit-down space for you to chill and relax after a long day. Not your typical Thai asian restaurant with curries and fried noodles, you’ll need to bring your spirit of adventure here to try something new. Enjoy the lovely food and nice wines on the list. Would be interested to know if they did BYO since Cloudwine and Prince Wine Store are just across the street.

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