Stich-free lunch at Seamstress

So I got a $70 lunch voucher from the Melbourne Food and Wine Festival crew for lunch at Seamstress (113 Lonsdale St). It’s a place that I’ve heard of time and time again, and I keep reminding myself ‘gotta check it out sometime’. But it wasn’t until this week that I finally dined at this rather inconspicuous restaurant which bolsters a cafe at ground level, and 2 separate cocktail bars for the night seekers.


Lunch can be a la carte, but why crack your head over the options when you can simply go the 2 or 3 course set lunches. They are $35 and $50 respectively, and come with a glass of wine. The red wine currently pouring is Jason Schwartz’s Dust Kicker GSM which is a good tasty wine!

The starters I had were the soft-shell crab served with an apple & wombok slaw with sriracha mayonnaise. I liked the hint of chilli spice to lift the dish, and the acidity of the slaw counter balanced the oily nature of the crab. The second starter, which I found a little odd because it is served with rice, was the red curry. It contained tofu, mushroom and eggplant. I thought the curry was overly creamy, thick and lacked a kick of spiciness on the finish. But the creamy curry was nice mixed into the rice.

The first main option was a seared barramundi with miso-marinated fried brussel sprouts, Jerusalem artichoke puree & taro chips. The fish was prepared very nicely, lovely crisp skin and tender chunky meat but thought the sprouts were too salty.

The second main was a crispy skin duck leg atop truffle spatzle and sweet corn. I had never encountered spatzle before this, and I’ve been told it’s a South American type of pasta and for this dish, it was prepared with squid ink so it all came out black as nice which provided a good colour contrast on the plate next to the corn. The duck was appropriately prepared. Interesting combination, but I’m not sure the duck slides in well against the pasta. You may have a different opinion though.

Powering onto the desserts, the palm sugar & vanilla bean panna cotta was firm and creamy. Served with strawberry slithers and mint leaf strips in sweet balsamic syrup, quite enjoyable.

The sticky fig pudding was served as three square pieces of cake, bit of candied ginger, ginger bready-like maccaron & palm sugar ice cream. The ice-cream on the fig cake worked a treat for me.

Overall, Seamstress is a good CBD venue for a weekday lunch. The 2 course set lunch for $35 is good value for the quality food you are receiving. The setting is very comfortable, I’m not sure how busy it gets typically, it was about half full when I was there. Seating is comfortable on wooden chairs and tables (2 or 4 seaters).
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I am a neuroscience researcher in Melbourne, Australia with a keen interest in wines of the world.
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