Madecasse arabica coffee milk chocolate

2012-12-04 21.39.24-1a

This was an interesting bar I spotted at King & Godfrey for $1.99 per 25g bar. Madecasse is a Brooklyn-based company which produces various types of chocolate all sourced from Madagascar. It is involved in fair trade practices for the benefit of the local Madagascan community and has been ecognised by the UN as a leader of global change. They produce several types of chocolate, as well as vanilla beans.

2012-12-04 21.37.55a

This arabica coffee offering comes as 44% cocoa milk chocolate with cocoa nibs and coffee nibs which were sourced from the only high-grade arabica coffee plantation on the island. As you can see, the grain is rather coarse which serves its purpose to add that textural crunch to the chocolate. With a lower melt factor, it dissipates in a fine powdery manner. I wouldn’t have placed the 44% mid-range content as the milk sweetness does come across quite clearly. There is a dominant caramel flavour, and the presence of the coffee grains impart a further note of chilled ice coffee. Not too bad for a single coin, I’ll try the other labels after this.


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