Hot, need an ice-cream sandwich pronto, Hot Poppy!

It’s a recurring theme with me, the closer it is, the less likely I am to eat at a cafe/restuarant. Hot Poppy was one of those places. Living in North Melbourne, I’d get a lazy fish and chips takeaway from next door, then walk by Hot Poppy wandering, good crowd, might be worth trying. So that went on for a good 7 years. Well, issue resolved.

A quick check of urbanspoon gives this place a fair modest account. I have to concur that despite the relaxed atmosphere, the bustling business is betrayed by the inconsistent service. The coffee is nice, but took rather long to appear. Likewise, my order appeared 3 tables sitting down and ordering and receiving their orders later. The service is friendly and adequate, but could do with more attention. The poached eggs are nice, but do lack sufficient flavour. However the portions are absolutely generous and this place offers good value for money.

The saving grace for the outing was the bread and butter pudding ice-cream sandwich with salt caramel sauce. This is insane!!!! Rich, yummy and rich! For $13, this should be shared between four if you value your cardiac and pancreatic health. A must-try at least once.

Overall, Hot Poppy is a popular yet casual enough establishment to enjoy a hearty breakfast that will quench any overnight hunger. The coffee is good, the service efficiency needs to pick up the pace during crowded periods. Worth a go.

Hot Poppy on Urbanspoon


About simplepalatesseriously

I am a neuroscience researcher in Melbourne, Australia with a keen interest in wines of the world.
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