The Ports of Morris and Stanton & Killeen (Part 3)

After tasting the recent vintages, we shifted to ports of ages past. So in the third bracket, we evaluated how the Morris and Stanton & Killeen VPs stood up to the test of time by tasting VPs that were 10, 20 and 25 years old.

Morris VP 2002: 100% shiraz. An elegant nose showing age but one gets the feeling that there is still more room for development. Aromas of dark berry fruit and black tea leaf. A well-rounded mouth feel, good tannin load and the wine is kept interesting by fresh acidity. Rich flavours of dark berry and red cherry. Less grippy, a pleasing finish. 92/100.

Stanton & Killeen VP 2002: The aromatics are more lifted than the Morris. Rather primary with cherry fruit on the nose and cherry syrup flavours. One gets a sense that this is more advanced in development than the Morris head-to-head. A nicely distributed and well-rounded finish though, there is slightly more grip here. Drink now. 89/100.

Morris VP 1991: A blend of Durif and Cabernet Sauvignon (85/15). A dense brooding nose of fresh tiny black berries and raisin. Rich and still fresh berry flavours that aren’t looking their age. Not as grippy on the finish, but with elegant tannins that are more expressive on the palate. Long finish, maturing very nicely. Drink now – 2022. 93/100.

Stanton & Killeen VP 1992: A blend of Shiraz, Touriga Nacional and Durif (90/5/5). SK pointed that they had used dirty spirit in this vintage. A developed nose with blackcurrant characteristics. There is still fresh acidity to keep the palate interested, with berry and red cherry notes. Dry finish suggesting it is tired, a sign of its age. Late. 86/100.

Morris VP 1985: A blend of Durif and Cabernet Sauvignon (54/46). Tight restrained nose of black tea, dried cherry, dark berries and dirty leather. Elegant mouthful, still looking fresh with the acidity balanced with soft tannins. Slightly grippy on the finish as the fruit fades. Still enough to keep me interested. 88/100.

Stanton & Killeen VP 1985: Dark earth, black berries, almost sourish tea-like. Lighter overall than the Morris in terms of palate weight. Savoury characteristics which some might be inclined to think as secondary elements of aging, but I personally think this port is past its drinking window. 85/100

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I am a neuroscience researcher in Melbourne, Australia with a keen interest in wines of the world.
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