Beatbox Kitchen (truckie-style)

Beatbox Kitchen is not likely to be a novelty to many of you out there, especially those living in the vicinity of Brunswick. It is probably the most popular food truck roving our streets, and I am certainly thankful I can claim this to be a highlight of my neighbourhood.

Your options here are simple and straightforward. Raph burger (beef) or the mushroom burger. And of course fries are a no-brainer with the tomato relish.

The Raph burger consists of a juicy beef patty grilled just right with pink meat in the middle, thick slices of tomato, slice of melted cheese, a good squeeze of mayo and a couple lettuce leaves and onion slithers for a bit of crunch.

The mushroom burger I’ve found to be variable, sometimes it’s one big mushroom head, or as the picture illustrates, several slices. Either way, the portion is generous and the burger is rounded off with similar garnishing as the Raph burger.

Wherever the truck is, feel free to bring your own drinks (as I’ve typically done) or you can buy fizzy pops from them too. The truck goes aroaming during lunchtime and after 6pm, and you can find out using the convinience of the internet (get the hint?) instead of having the rely on telepathy or binoculars.

I’ve always enjoyed chasing down Beatbox Kitchen on lazy evenings. Not sure I’ll like standing in queue when the evenings turn cold and the wind picks up, but I’m sure that upon the first bite into that tasty burger, it will all seem worth the agony.

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I am a neuroscience researcher in Melbourne, Australia with a keen interest in wines of the world.
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