Sugardough – sweet pastry to start my day

It had been several months since my last visit to Sugardough during the warmer Melbourne climate. I had said this back in November,

‘Tasty oatmeal slice and a correct brownie! This is a place where you enjoy your pastry, pie or soup, with coffee/tea as mere accompaniments.’

More recently (just this weekend in fact), I have reconfirmed my dislike of rainy windy Autumn times as I battle a sudden surge of the coughs within. I need coffee early on a what-is-to-be a busy Saturday but I am also peckish which I have decided is the priority urge to fulfill.

Starting off with something sweet just to awaken my tastebuds, the Chocolate and custard brioche was made of buttery dense pastry, but on the dryer side in my opinion. A compact crumb, I would have liked it to be more puffed. However, the ample use of chocolate was sufficient to give it flavour to match the accompanying flat white.

The Croque Monsieur is served as a sourdough base topped by ham and grilled cheese. These are on display pre-prepared, and I think being cooled down isn’t beneficial for this dish. I have no issues with the ham, and the cheese is slightly gooey but was really screaming out for more heat. Perhaps the owners might consider on-order grilling of this in future?

The Breakfast pie is a winning combination of potato, hard-boiled eggs, tomatos and ham. Served hot with some salad leaves and a spot of tomato relish, it was a great meal to start the day. Probably not suited paired up with coffee, so alternative beverages might be necessary.

Sugardough remains a nice casual cafe that is a favourite of the Brunswick locals which offers non-fussed pastry and coffee. There is a wide variety of pastries, hot pies and rolls to choose from, and I would certainly make it a point to make my way through them in future. I’ll be back. Hi Dean!
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I am a neuroscience researcher in Melbourne, Australia with a keen interest in wines of the world.
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