Brunswick East Project – living on the edge of..

So truth be told, I actually stumbled into this place on the weekend rather unintentionally. I was expecting to find a coffee shop called Padre having been directed there by a precision coffee consumer (I would have said ‘another’ but I can’t make that claim). Should have done more reading on the interwebs. But after navigating past a female curiosity parked awkwardly outside mumbling and gesturing to the frontage window, I realise this is The Brunswick East Project. I was made aware of its existence through Urbanspoon several months before but just hadn’t gotten round to it.

Straight away, I am impressed by the ample space and excellent lighting inside. Attractive pastries, muffins and croissants greet you through the door, but I realise that the aromas of freshly prep’d coffee that would be core to such a business is somewhat lacking. And this came back to bite as my flat white was too thin for my liking, but wasn’t as bad as the cappuccino which was almost devoid of flavour. This is very odd considering the recommendation provided to me. The stark difference between both indicated to me inconsistency with the barista/s. I should mention that Padre’s offices and warehouse are in fact just around the corner on Church St, and TBP is basically their frontline operations.

My confused state of the coffee aside, I found the bites very well-priced. My Breakfast tart was $3.50 for a bacon-wrapped hard-boiled egg sans most of the white in a puff pastry. Not a bad combo that I’m tempted to try at home. You have to order your food as you enter the shop because they don’t have menus. Get the croissants early because in the 10mins after I paid for my tart and danish ($3), they rapidly sold out of the almond croissants. The chocolate Torsades de Pointes ($3.50) was nice but a little ‘doughy’, maybe would have been better warmed up.

I like the feel of the place, but was extremely let down by the coffee. I will return to give it a second chance to impress, and I hope that visit will be much more enjoyable.

Brunswick East Project on Urbanspoon


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I am a neuroscience researcher in Melbourne, Australia with a keen interest in wines of the world.
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