Petaling Street (Swanston St) – for the price you pay…

Well this is another Asian joint that serves food fast for less than a tenner. What sort of lofty expectations do you expect to be fulfilled?

After the comedy on Saturday night, I needed a small supper-sized bite before heading home. I’ve never been to any of the Petaling Streets before (they are in Chinatown, Box Hill and Clayton too amongst others) but it was the first place I walked past with empty tables so I simply plonked down. Expecting Chinese Malaysian food, I ordered the Ipoh hor fan with chicken which longer than the Hokkien mee to arrive at the table.

My rice noodles came in a large bowl, half filled with clear soup and accompanied by white chicken on beansprouts. The chicken was a chopped up boneless pieces of drumstick that wasn’t too bad. It wasn’t oiley, didn’t leave a residual heavy feel in the mouth and didn’t have a layer of fat between the skin and meat. The chilli sauce and minced ginger served was the typical commercial-sort that did the trick by giving the chicken meat an extra kick. The soy-based dressing sauce wasn’t too salty nor overly sweet and suited my taste fine. Nothing to shout about, stomach filled for $9.50, check.

I’m surprised by the overly negative comments about this place. I mean, while there is nothing to trumpet about, for possibly less than $10 per person, how flash do you expect service to be? Especially if the tip plate read $0.40 when I was there. Shut up, eat your meal and let’s head off elsewhere.
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