Bordeaux 2011: Cos d’Estournel releases at half the price of 2010

Another piece of news from the en primeur campaign in Bordeaux with Cos d’Estournel revealing its €108 price tag for the 2011 . This is down from the €198 release price for the 2010 and €210 release price on the 2009. Demand and price for the latter surged in speculation following Robert Parker’s 100 pt score, but sales were muted for the 2010.

For all his business directed management of the company, I think this move by MD Prats is one of fear. Fear that continual market disinterest will hit the bottom line for this year’s campaign and the final growth figures in the annual reports. I reckon (unsustantiated gut feeling) that there is plenty of stock of the 2010s ( RP 95-97) and 2008s (RP 92+) floating around somewhere, and it has finally dawned upon someone that unless these clear up, there is likely to be a bit of Estournel-fever and customers will likely be purchasing less of the 2011 release.

Given the current financial situation in Europe, better off making a quick buck while you can yea?

Bordeaux 2011: Cos d’Estournel releases at half the price of 2010 |


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