Sine Qua Non On Your Toes 2001 Syrah, Central Coast, CA, USA

What a way to start off 2011! This bottle came from JHL Wines by way of Chris (Cloudwine). Aged for 39 months in new oak, A medium+ black ruby core, this prodigious wine exudes enticing aromas of Morello cherry, blueberry compote, damp smoky wood chips and a hint of finger-crushed blackberry flesh. Dry and full-bodied, this is perfectly in balance right now, having descended onto a plateau of balance between the holy trinity – acid, tannins and fruit weight. Within the sexy, silky texture, there is still some fine grained tannins present hinting towards the potential of further cellaring. Rich fruit flavours, there are no rough edges despite the 14.9% alc. This has a long soothing finish and is one delicious baby I had no problem forgoing sushi, sashimi and soft-shell crab for. Drink over the next 10+ years. 99/100.

Originally posted on (7th Jan 2011).

About simplepalatesseriously

I am a neuroscience researcher in Melbourne, Australia with a keen interest in wines of the world.
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