Essendon Fish and Chips – a nice find to keep in mind

I stumbled upon this fish n chip shop on the weekend as I was on my was to get those crazy Scottish Brew Dog beers from Prince W&S (ex-Essendon Cellars). It is located in the Essendon North Village area, near the roundabout facing Mt Alexander Way but partially hidden from sight. It is manned by a mainland Chinese couple, and looks nothing near fanciful.

While I am a little suspicious of having raw fish fillets placed in a fridge display which doesn’t have a door near the entrance to the store, I don’t think one can realistically expect too much from a cheap-ish F&C shop. Hygiene, well that’s a slightly different discussion.

Anyway, there are several options for fish including the standard flake ($5) and King George whiting, but there is also flounder ($6.50) on the menu which I opted for. While word is the chips are really good, I went for the potato cake instead ($1 only). With not a crowd to be spotted, my order was taken, paid for and collected in no time at all. The fillets were well-fried, to a point when the batter was evenly coloured with no suggestion of being overdone. It was crisp, did not have excess oil hanging off it and thin enough to hold the fish in place yet not be a distraction in the mouth. The flounder was of good quality with the meat came off in flakey chunks. The flake was firm and meaty, everything you’d want from a batter-fried fish really. One thing I’d wished for is more liberally sliced lemon wedges – it was hard to squeeze sufficient lemon juice onto the fish with the two thin slices provided.

The potato cake, well, I’m not really a fan of potato cakes; but for $1, how can you complain over a squished piece of spud, really.

Overall, cheap prices for nicely fried fish. Good casual place – one that I’d drop by for a snack on the long way to the airport.

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I am a neuroscience researcher in Melbourne, Australia with a keen interest in wines of the world.
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