Chateau de Saint Cosme, Gigondas, Southern Rhone, France

One of the more interesting Southern Rhone producers is Saint Cosme, and their Gigondas wines haven’t been overly expensive which is why I’d had a reasonable amount to drink. Hail turned out to be a big problem for the vineyards of Saint Cosme in 2009 resulting in a cut in the Grenache crop. Still, despite not being near their best, some good-quality wines were produced. The best value-for-money would actually be the entry level Gigondas.

Saint Cosme Gigondas 2009
$40. A blend of 60% Grenache, 20% Syrah, 17% Mourvedre and the rest Cinsault. Intense dark ruby colour with forward aromas of blackberry, violets and pepper. A dry, full-bodied wine with prominent tannins that are plush and developing. Rich flavours of dark berry fruit, robust structure kept fresh by a good load of acidity. Drink now – $2015+. 89/100.

Saint Cosme Gigondas Valbelle 2009
$64. Dark ruby colour with a lovely bouquet of dark currants, thyme and white pepper. I found this to be less enjoyable than the entry level blend because while there was lovely dark fruit flavours, they seemed to be thrown at you, rather than coming in an even wave. I am surprised by the developed tannins which fulfilled their role in providing a support structure but I suspect that this bottle isn’t one for the longer term. 90+/100.

Saint Cosme Gigondas Le Claux 2009
$80. 100% Grenache. Intense black ruby colour, lifted florals with notes of blackberry, reduced cherries and forest earth.  A dry, full-bodied wine with young plush tannins and good acidity. There is a deep core of fruit flavours but these run away a little too soon. Long finish but the lack of fruit does diminish it somewhat for me. Drink now – 2017+. 90/100.

Saint Cosme Cote Rotie 2007
$96. Dark ruby purple colour. Expressive aromatic profile that is slightly unusual. How shall I put it, Grandma’s talc, dried rose petals, peppercorns, dark berry fruit. A dry, full bodied wine with rough tannins that are wandering about, but at this age – might be lost. Nice ripe fruit on the palate with clean acidity but they seem to angle for dominance. A good drinking wine, but not for me. Drink now – 2019. 91/100.

All wines were tasted at the International Wine Fair by Vintage Cellars.


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I am a neuroscience researcher in Melbourne, Australia with a keen interest in wines of the world.
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