Self-Preservation – tough if you’re selling art

I had read about this establishment at the top end of Bourke St awhile ago, but hadn’t found myself enroute to visit until recently. It’s very difficult to spot if you don’t know where you’re headed since it lacks any obvious signage save a little professionally-fonted sticker declaring itself on the window. There have been rather interesting looking cakes in the window when I wandered by previously, but unfortunately there weren’t this time.

I’ve never ever seen this place packed out, but there usually is a good crowd with some spots left for the 1’s and two’s. I don’t mind the minimalistic stylings of the interior and I do like the casual feel of the shared table that runs down the spine of the place. Not to mention a patronage that tends to mind their appearance and language too, and who appreciate some level of peaceful noise (at least on an early Sunday morning). I highly recommend bring the weekend papers, or a book that you’ve just picked up.

The coffee will wake you up, isn’t nothing to scream about across the CBD, but it’ll do. The art works and artifacts that are displayed against the walls with eye-opening prices, that I wonder, really?! The food is rather pricy considering you can get much better value at the European or Cumulus which are footsteps away really. The daily omelette that day was a spinach, fetta and tomato ($20) which was of good service size and well-prepared, arriving with sauteed button mushrooms on the side.

My order was of the fried eggs with bacon and buttered spinach ($17). These came laid upon two slices of bread but the fried eggs were over-done, hardly dribbling over when I pierced the yolks. There was a bottom 3mm layer of light yellow well-cooked yolk in each, and this effectively deprived me of one of the joys of fried eggs.. The bacon was also well cooked, but the edges are rather crusty and burnt on 2 of the 5 slices I received. Presentation-wise, meh.. nothing to shout about either.

Overall, I think this is a nice establishment befitting of its locality. But I think when taking the price into consideration, and the relative enjoyment I obtain, it’s quite unlikely that I’ll return here.

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I am a neuroscience researcher in Melbourne, Australia with a keen interest in wines of the world.
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