Andrew’s Burgers – it tops the lot!

Over the years in Melbourne, I’ve had lots of burgers, each claiming to be better than the rest, more meaty, more fulfilling, more satisfying. After a decade of listening to the quips of these wannabes, it is the quietest in the room that makes the loudest noise.

Andrew’s Burgers in Albert Park has been a near staple for my Saturday wine tastings. You could easily walk past it without batting an eyelid, but the lovely aromas of sizzling beef patties and browning onions ambush you from the plastic strips that guard the entrance and entice you inward like sexy beasts. I ALWAYS order The Lot, and you’d honestly be foolish to do otherwise, but hey, to each their own. For $10.50, you get a fresh, made-on-order burger containing a settled slow fried egg, a thick slice of tomato, two melted slices of cheese on top of the well-prepared patty and a handful of chopped lettuce layered between lightly toasted buns.

Take it away with your small bag of chips or potato cakes, and enjoy the next 10 minutes of your life on the benches just across the road in the sunshine, or lazing on the grass in the park behind the block. A perfect break that anyone can schedule into their regular weekends!
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About simplepalatesseriously

I am a neuroscience researcher in Melbourne, Australia with a keen interest in wines of the world.
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