Wooga Korean Restaurant – charcoal tidings of warmth

Why I was decked out in T-shirt, basketball berms and flip-flops on a cool 17deg night can only be explained by my ill-desire to return from my late dinner forey smelling like a roasted cow.

Wooga is conveniently located for students of its surrounding vicinity, and is standard fare for some local Koreans. What stands out is the more acceptable smells wafting about the restaurant. I have choked in the past from the veil of oil that webs all over Korean BBQ joints with a preference for hot plates and poorly maintained ventilation units. Wooga uses charcoal mini-pits and grill plates which are changed over to prevent carbonation. Their small-ish ventilation units seem efficient enough, and are only victim to people like my neighbouring table who decided to lift it further away just because it would be easier to get at their BBQ’d ribs. The fools.

The options for BBQ are priced at ~$17, which honestly is a bit much. I would have liked to see more price variance. Also, the marinated meats are not offered for self-preparation, and are cooked in the kitchen. I had the ox tongue and topside, both of which were of the typical frozen sort which I’m not making a fus about. It still comes back to the pricing that would otherwise put diners off from ordering more. Oh, and the kimchi is simply void of chilli spice.

Their spicy tofu soup is really nice, especially authenticated by you dunking your bowl of rice into the soup before wolfing it down. Perhaps not the recommended route should you be sharing the soup. But let it be said that that’s how you’d do it in Seoul. The soft egg yolk which you have to swirl into the soup creates an enticing vibrant colour, but pay attention to how much tofu you are sucking up. That’s one searing hot bastard which would instantly rip the taste buds off your tongue!

I also find the cold noodles very tasty, and one serve is comfortably sufficient to feed four mouths. Very different from the Chinese noodles, these were slippery and the texture was so QQ! (the asians will know what I mean, for the rest of you, go seek out the drink first).

I’m quite happy to go back to Wooga to have their non-BBQ dishes, which seems like quite a shame because their BBQ setup is really one of the best around. I’ll be back to take pictures and try more dishes next time.
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