Gumbo Kitchen – A bit of South in the North

Gumbo Kitchen is another of several food trucks I have the fortune of wandering around my residential area. It serves, surprise surprise, the Down Under take on the standard Louisiana fare – gumbo. There is appeal here since one can hardly find anything closely resembling New Orleans foodtypes in Melbourne, at least. And it serves up pretty well too.

The gumbo options number two. There is chicken and sausage for $12, or sweet corn with fried green tomatos for $11. The gumbo sauce is sufficiently thick and sticky with the use of ochra, but refrains from being too gluey. The chicken thigh pieces are soft and juicy, having lost its chickeny flavours (which I thought was a shame) but was a sponge for the gumbo sauce. The use of sliced fatty sausage pieces serves to beef up the flavours of the gumbo, which franky, lack the strong chilli element I was hoping for. But all this, slapped next to a generous ladle of fluffy rice and the pointy end of a loaf, it’s good ole comfort food perfect for a cool evening snack.

And let not the calorie counters sway you from the Po’ Boy or The Dom. The Dom is like the Adelaide AB, but better! It’s beef debris (pulled strips of beef in thick gooey gravy ladled onto a heap of fries, and a piece of gerkin, coz we all need our veges. For $13, that’ll get your heart started, no need for an electric shock from the ambos! Although some of you might need their help to re-start your heart when it does stop.

The Po’ Boy ($12) is deep-fried, bread-crusted shrimp, served in a chunky bread with lettuce and sliced tomatos. If only the crust had shrimp-roe and chilli in it, I’d be in food heaven! But yes, shrimping is a favourite food related past-time or activity, whatever you wish to call it, it’s the thing to do in the South, and who are we not to celebrate what is the tradition of that land if we’re to have a food truck!

All in all, Gumbo Kitchen provides a fantastic option for comfort food, especially with the Melbourne evenings turning more chilly. I think the prices are fairly similar to the other food trucks touring around, but I can guarantee that you have a hole in your stomach if you ain’t full up after a meal here.
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I am a neuroscience researcher in Melbourne, Australia with a keen interest in wines of the world.
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