Le Sausage (rolls on wheels)

Hot Diggity! (Dog Ziggity Boom!) Le Sausage is one bred of several food trucks which ply the Northern streets of Melbourne in what I thought was a random pattern, but it’ll be much easier not working it out (unless you’re a Maths geek and get more thrill out of puzzles than sausages) and simply refering to their facebook page HERE.

They have a straight-forward menu which is well explained on the blackboard by the side of the truck. For $8.50, you can have a Hot Hungarian (have you seen how hot they can get?!), a Mad Maltese (probably don’t want my eye balls scratched) or an Italian Job (I’m suspicious of what this might involve).

The Mad Maltese is rather attractive with red cabbage, coriander and lime mayonnaise to dress the pork, parsley and coriander sausage.Very tasty, there is sufficent vegetable crunch to break up the meatiness of the sausage. How quirky would it be if they added Maltesers to the box?

The Hot Hungarian, a sleek dirty blonde. Not dirty, dirty.. I’m refering to hair colour! This has a pork & chilli sausage with pickled cabbage, cornishons & dijon mustard. Very tasty, but a tad dry because the sausage was actually too lean for my liking. And the bread roll didn’t help either which brings me to….

The biggest drawback of this operation is, IMO, the quality of the bread rolls. Frankly, they’re not good. Tough and chewy, it surely can’t cost too much more to stock decent rolls from Baker’s Delight right? A substantial sausage shouldn’t have to fight with the bread roll for attention of my tastebuds. I should spend more time enjoying the taste of the sausage instead of working my mandibular muscles chomping into the bread.

Being cheaper than a meal from the Taco Truck (you’d really need two tacos – $12) or the Beatbox Kitchen ($11 per burger), it seems like a fair bargain. But the hotdogs are really more appropriate as a big snack, so if these were $7 (I know, I know.. $1.50 whinge whinge..; it’s the principle of the matter!), then they would be more value for money.
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I am a neuroscience researcher in Melbourne, Australia with a keen interest in wines of the world.
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2 Responses to Le Sausage (rolls on wheels)

  1. Chloe says:

    Hello! Do you know if Le Sausage are still running? I’m trying to get intouch with them to cater an event but cannot track them down (no reply to email, FB page no longer exists, no recent tweets)….

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