Metropolitan Hotel, North Melbourne – A whithered shadow of its former past

Ahhh.. the fat arse chook parma.. how I miss you. I miss your overflowing edges that hang off the plate, the warm gooey cheese that oozes over the golden crust, and the fresh but oft ignored salad and medium cut chips that were part of the deal to finish an entire parma otherwise you’d buy the next round of drinks. And you still had to lick clean your plate otherwise you weren’t allowed to go back to work!

I have lived around the corner of the Metropolitan Hotel for 8 years. I have seen it emerge, wane, and now simply live it’s life out as just another ‘gastro’ pub. I have been back thrice in the past year, and I leave evermore convinced it is eeking out the last straws of its life.

The staff are still friendly, and the beer options remain interesting and good. The Kung fu beer by 2 Brothers is light, crisp and refreshing. It’s the perfect summer drinking, except that Melbourne really hasn’t had much of a summer for 2012. The Mountain Goat Steam Ale is a beloved, tried-tested-and-approved beverage.

The parma is still painted with a golden crust, except that it is so flat and unsizeable, even for the $17 lunchtime deals. The chips aren’t chips, so much as fries that McDonalds would serve more tastily.

The fish n chips are dreadful in that they are 2 measly hard crusted pieces, with the undersides charred black, hardly camouflaged by the salad leaves.

At least they do ice coffees….

I wouldn’t mind having a drink here after work, it’s a nice convinient place to meet up for a chat. But save your money and go elsewhere for food.
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I am a neuroscience researcher in Melbourne, Australia with a keen interest in wines of the world.
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