Shoya, Market Ln, Melbourne CBD

I have dined at Shoya several times now, and they have mostly been enjoyable. But I hadn’t been back in recent months, not since my lunch of wagyu fillet was way over-cooked. Still, I thought this restaurant warrented a re-assessment. For those of you who haven’t heard of this place, it is located in Market Ln next to Flowerdrum and across from HuTong Dumplings. The head chef is Shigeo Nonaka, whose conversation you can enjoy if you choose to be seated at the sashimi counter on the 3rd level.

On this oven-toasted evening, the desired meal was for something cool, so soba noodles was on the cards. Prior to this, Hamachi sashimi ($19.80) and Amiyaki Wagyu Karubi ($38) were served. Both dishes washed down well with a glass of Domaine Jaeder Defaix Pinot Noir ($24/glass). The Hamachi was chosen after an enquiry for Toro was suggested against by the waiter. The fish was fresh enough to be satisfactory and comes as a decent serving portion with different cuts that are roughly 1″ in size. The 6 slices of Wagyu were done pretty well; not sure what cut they were, but for a marbling 9+ score, you certainly couldn’t feel any residual fat in the meat.

After a light Agedashi Tofu, we transitioned to the Kani Tempura Cold Soba ($24.50). This comes as a single Hokkaido crab claw, and a couple of vegetable pieces, all prepared tempura style. To be honest, I was a little disappointed with the crab meat which I felt lacked an element of sweetness to it. The tempura batter was light, and certainly didn’t masked the flavours of the ingrediants. The noodles were well-prepared and pleasant with the light soya sauce dip. However, I do feel the crab claw rendered this dish rather clunky. Perhaps an option for soft-shelled crabs might be explored in the right season?

Overall, the establishment is nice for a casual dinner out. If you bring your appetites, try the sashimi Moriawase ($42.50) or Omakase ($85+).

Cost: $163.80 for 2 people.

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